Colorado Truck Drivers – Enjoy the Holiday Season!

As a truck driver, you spend an enormous amount of the year on the road, often spending time away family. This holiday season, take full advantage of any time off. Surround yourself with the people you love and take the time to get some well-earned rest so you can tackle the New Year rejuvenated.

Be Cautious in All Diving Conditions

Remember that winter driving conditions are the worst of the year for anyone out on the road. The weather provides a natural obstacle course that is tricky on its own and mixed with the surge of travelers driving to their Christmas holiday destinations or out to get that one last gift, the road can be chaotic. Don’t let the holiday traffic get the best of you. Use your professional driving skills and experience to cope with the maelstrom not only for yourself but the other drivers.

Be positive

It is very important to keep a level head and a positive outlook during the holiday season. We know it is hard to be away from your families but what you do as a truck driver keeps the country supplied with valuable items from food to equipment and clothing. Some drivers decorate their rigs with garland and festive lights while some listen to Christmas music to keep the holiday cheer alive. Whatever your traditions might be, know that you are appreciated and that the service you provide is vital.

If you’re in need of some holiday spirit, check out this funny video of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas – Trucker Edition.” Watch it and share it with your family and friends. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

From all of us here at Domenico Transportation, we wish all of our staff, clients, friends and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  See you in 2013.

How do you keep the holiday spirit bright while on the road? Let us know!