Transmissions – The Most Overlooked Component of Fuel Efficiency for Colorado Owner Operators

One of the most overlooked aspects of fuel economy in the trucking industry is the type of transmission used in trucks. Contrary to popular belief, manually shifted transmissions are not the most efficient for fuel economy. There are new technologies that can drastically improve fuel efficiency.  And, while an auto transmission costs more up front, they could save Colorado owner operators thousands over the long haul.


Driver Control

One of the biggest reasons that trucks with manual transmissions experience lower fuel efficiency is actually the driver. The driver has total control over when the truck shifts, and sometimes drivers don’t shift at the best point. This is can be attributed to many reasons including driver exhaustion. When drivers are tired after long shifts, they’re not always as attuned to the subtle nuances of when transmissions should be shifted.  Not shifting at the optimal time can affect fuel efficiency as much as 35%.

Auto Transmissions

Most Colorado owner operators cannot afford to lose fuel efficiency, especially with diesel prices continually on the rise.  While it’s an investment upfront, auto transmissions can dramatically help save fuel costs. A computer controlled transmission electronically optimizes the shift pattern, and never makes a mistake. Since the computer knows exactly when to shift, each and every time, your fuel mileage increases and is optimized.

Technology enables truck drivers to save money on fuel while making their jobs easier.  Shifting can get tiresome, and if not done properly, can affect fuel efficiency. Sure, the price of this technology can be expensive to start out, but you will recoup your expenses in about a year and continue to save on fuel economy for years to come.

What are your thoughts on transmissions and fuel economy? We’d like to hear what you think.