How to Make Owner/Operators Successful

With an estimated 3,000,000+ over-the-road truck drivers plying the nation’s highways, there is still a shortage of qualified personnel to fill open positions and career opportunities abound for those desiring entry into the industry.  For many, becoming a truck driver is an ideal job prospect, allowing those with the ability and desire to handle a big rig to make good income and to provide an important service.  As a driver, you also have the security of being in an industry that will always need your expertise and where jobs are always available.

If you are a novice trucker, initial driving opportunities will mostly be available running long-haul loads, which means plenty of seat time but also a large majority of days spent on the road away from home.  For some, this is an agreeable lifestyle while, for many, especially if you have a family, the solitude and time away from home can be tough.  Look at this period of time gaining driving experience as paying your dues, until you’re in a position to apply for a driving assignment that will keep you closer to home, such as local or regional transport.

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Stepping Up To Becoming an Owner/Operator

If you’re currently driving truck and have aspirations of earning more dollars and gaining more freedom, becoming an owner/operator is the next step up.  While it may be your goal as a company driver to go the entrepreneurial route of owning your own small business as an owner/operator, this can represent a significant move involving both risk and uncertainty.

At Domenico Transportation, we are ushering in a new program in 2013 to recruit Colorado owner operator personnel to augment our current company driver staff.  Delivering grocery products throughout Colorado’s mountainous areas on a 24/7 basis, we have work every day and, as a driver, our 5-day shift has you home every day after work.

Our goal with the new Colorado owner operator program is to provide an easier, safer transition for drivers desiring truck ownership.  We provide the work, the maintenance facilities and even a place to park your rig when not in use.  We also have fleet purchasing power for the best prices on tires, equipment and fuel.  As an owner/operator, you have the ability to work as much or as little as you want, with revenue based on how you choose to operate.         

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